Face Yoga

We offer you Face Yoga online classes.

Face Yoga is a set of practices that strengthens the muscles of the face while giving it a fuller appearance. Besides that, the practises stretch the muscles and fascia and give the face a symmetrical shape.

In doing so, the face muscles, which we have 57, release tension and finally relax. This is the way we reduce the appearance of wrinkles which soften or completely disappear.

Exercises, massage and acupressure also have a positive effect on circulation, lymph and acupressure points which help us become aware of the tension and release it, both physically and emotionally.

Face yoga is a combination of acupressure techniques and yoga basics which together offer a natural and efficient way to maintain your skin elasticity and a healthy glow.

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Online classes

Yoga Balance also offers Face Yoga online classes which are selected thematically and which target specific parts of the face. The exercises can be general which focus, for example, on the upper or lower part of the face or they specifically aim at a smaller area such as the neck, the eyes, the lips, the forehead and so forth.

Individual consultation

Face Yoga individual counstation is designed specifically for your face.

We meet online 3 to 4 times. At the end of the first consultation, we scan your face. At the second consultation, you are given the instructions on how and how much you should practice. The third consultation is when we take a look at the progress and agree on further practice, while the fourth consultation follows if necessary.

We take before and after photos which we share with your consent only, otherwise, they are useful for the instructor and the student to see the change.