Individual Yoga classes

Do you want to experience yoga with a private teacher while you are staying in Croatia?

  • your place or
  • our place?

Yoga Balance is inviting you to explore a unique experience of self-growth and transformation with a private yoga teacher who will come to your place on your holiday.

Spend the best time ever and connect with yourself.

It's nice to hang out on the beach and just rest, doing nothing. Everyone should do that from time to time, finally to rest and let go of the stressful way of life.
If you incorporate a nice yoga class in your peaceful break, you'll bring some of your peace where ever you go.

Immerse yourself in a private yoga class to get the best out of the practice. The yoga teacher that you choose will create a class to match your needs, body posture and the other signals your being send to the teacher.

In case you are hanging out on a holiday as a group and you want to practice yoga together, private yoga classes will bring your group (of friends or family) closer together and your holidays will pass with ease and joy. Your group gives off a vibe by which the teacher creates a class.

By modifying asanas every individual will be able to enjoy the practice.

Croatia has hidden jewels with amazing highly educated yoga teachers offering their guidance and patience for you. Use your holidays for inner growth, or get in yoga shape

Access the realm of inner peace with individual yoga classes on your holiday in Croatia. This will enable you to distance yourself from a hectic everyday life and encourage you to continue a spiritual journey to your essence after which you will be able to find or renew your life strength.

Try one-on-one with a private yoga teacher in the city you are staying in.

Are you accommodated in a villa or an apartment where you have enough space inside the object or outside?

If you are looking for summer yoga for tourists nearby, we are here for you.

What is included in the basic price?

  • individual class or a small group class (up to five people)
  • yoga mat or any equipment your teacher is requiring
  • a teacher who isn't farther from you more than 30 km
  • a class in your place.

A distance greater than 30 km is charged an additional 7 €/10 km.

Groups larger than 5 people are charged 20 €.

If you wish for a private Yoga Retreat while you are visiting Croatia, send us an inquiry with the details and we will gladly contact you.